Day No. 22

This is the air I breath...

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Hi Joasia,


I just wanted to share with you a beautiful song that I recently discovered called "This is the air I breathe" by Christy Nockels. It's a truly uplifting and inspiring song that reminds us of the importance of breathing in God's presence and relying on Him for everything.


SENStation, a platform dedicated to promoting social entrepreneurship, is also a big fan of this song. They believe that social entrepreneurs breathe in a similar way, constantly seeking inspiration and guidance from their passion for making a positive impact in the world.


This song perfectly captures the essence of social entrepreneurship, as it encourages us to breathe in God's love and grace, which in turn fuels our desire to create a better world. It serves as a reminder that our purpose is not just about personal success, but also about uplifting others and making a difference.


I hope you enjoy listening to "This is the air I breathe" and find it as inspiring as I do!


Take care,