SENStation Team

SENStation is a positive news platform that aims to develop and support social innovation and social enterprise start-ups around the world.

SENStation’s mission is to inspire, connect, and empower people who want to make a positive impact on society by solving social and environmental problems.

It was founded by group of alumni from the CEMS network, a global alliance of leading business schools and multinational companies.

The SENStation team is passionate about creating a better world and is involved in various aspects of the project, such as strategy, operations, events, products, design, content, and partnerships.

Social Entrepreneurship Network Station organizes online events and competitions, such as the Global Co-operative Challenge, to inspire and empower aspiring social entrepreneurs.

SENStation also offers a platform where social innovators can connect, learn, and collaborate with each other and with mentors, experts, and investors.

SENStation is always looking for new team members, new partners, supporters, and participants who want to join the movement and make a positive change in the world.


- SENStation is a dream of a better world, fueled by positive energy. It aims to empower people by sharing uplifting news about social entrepreneurs.

- The project has been supported by CEMS - Global Alliance in Management Education, the S-ENT Faculty Team, the CEMS Student Board, Transparency International, CARE International, Fairtrade International, Global Business School Network, European Foundation for Management Development and numerous individual social entrepreneurs.


Rafal Siepak, a social entrepreneur from Poland, embarked on a mission to make a positive impact. Inspired by the field of social entrepreneurship, he co-founded SENStation—the Social Entrepreneurship Network Station and worked on it since 2010. Let's dive into the story behind this remarkable initiative.


- Rafal Siepak (Poland): Rafal co-manages the project, emphasizing strategy and operations and website development.

- Antoine Lepretre (France): Antoine focuses on innovative event development and product creation.

- Menno de Block (the Netherlands): Menno handles partnerships and manages major events.

- Triona Campbell (Ireland): Triona, representing the CEMS Head Office, promotes SENStation globally among top business schools.

- Cleo Biron (Canada): Cleo contributed to launching the first SENStation website and later became a content creator.

- Lorenn Ruster (Australia): Lorenn played a pivotal role in shaping SENStation's initial strategy and enhancing customer experience.

- Manon Rodriguez-Mate (Belgium): Manon was helping the team to develop the concept of SENStation.

- Mateusz Stankiewicz (Poland): Mateusz oversees the legal aspects of the project.

- Jort Duijnker (the Netherlands): Jort was involved in defining the initial concept, including brand.

- Bartlomiej Pisulak (Poland): Bartlomiej managed a team of students, who built previous versions of the SENStation websites.


- Lain Heringman (UK): An experienced social entrepreneur, Lain advises SENStation on future strategy.

- Maciek Karpinski (Poland): Maciej contributes inspirational graphic design to the project.

- Yekaterina Kondratenko, internship (Russia): She conducted research and helped developed the edition of Global Social Business Competition 2012.

- Nadya Sheynina, internship (Russia): Nadya conducted research and helped developed the edition of Global Social Business Competition 2012.


SENStation is like a harbor for the "Social Entrepreneur-Ship." It provides a space where positive news and impactful initiatives converge. Rafal Siepak's and the SENStation team dedication to social entrepreneurship has transformed SENStation into a beacon of hope, connecting dreamers and change-makers worldwide. SENStation is a project that aims to inspire and connect social entrepreneurs around the world.

The SENStation values are:

Positive energy: They believe that inspiration is about positive energy and they want to spread it to others.

Dreaming big: They have a dream about a better world and they are not afraid to pursue it.

Collaboration: They value diversity and cooperation among people who share their vision and passion.

Innovation: They are always looking for new ways to create social impact and solve global challenges.

Learning: They are curious and eager to learn from each other and from successful social entrepreneurs